A pleasant treat for your hands and feet include a bath in the marine mineral blend, to deodorize and soften skin, a trim to your customized shape and length, a scrub to take away the dead skin, a hydrating hot oil treatment, a relaxing massage, and application of colored nail lacquer.


Images Nail Lounge offers full body waxing and other services with a range of products to suite your needs, whether you have sensitive skin or coarse hair, if tweezing or threading is preferred.


Get ride of wrinkles, reduce fine lines with Botox. Plump and smooth your skin with Juvederm. Get facelift using radiofrequency with Thermage and use ultrasound to get rid of fat cells to lose weight with Liposonix.

Performed by Licensed Physicians at their facility


Images Nail Lounge offers a range of cosmetic skin care treatments customized for the specific needs of your skin. Our estheticians have advanced training in skin care by DERMALOGICA. They use advanced products and treatments to help your skin look fresh and healthy.

China Glaze
IDB – The Nail People
OPI Cosmetics

Pricing Table

Prices may vary slightly (depending on location).
Gift Cards are available in salon only. We currently don’t have any options to purchase gift cards online.

New Sets


Our Price
Pink & White Acrylic $50.00
White Tip Acrylic $35.00
Regular Acrylic $35.00+
Lume Gel $40.00
Silk Wrap $40.00
Dipping Powder/French $40.00/47.00



Our Price
Pink & White Acrylic $45.00+
Pink Acrylic $25.00+
Regular Acrylic $25.00+
Lume Gel $25.00+
Silk Wrap $25.00+

New Set & Refill


Our Price
Long Length $5.00+
Special Shape $5.00
Gel Polish $15.00+

Soak-Off Gel


(includes Gel Removal)

Our Price
Gel Color Manicure $40.00
French Gel Manicure $47.00
Gel Polish Change (hand) $35.00
Gel Polish Change (feet) $40.00



Our Price
Luxury Manicure $50.00
Deluxe Manicure $40.00
Signature Manicure $25.00



Our Price
Luxury Pedicure $60.00
Deluxe Pedicure $45.00
Signature Pedicure $35.00

Children (ages 12 and below)

Children (12 and under)

Our Price
Luxury Mani+Pedi Package $55.00
Deluxe Mani+Pedi Package $45.00
Signature Mani+Pedi Package $35.00
Polish Package (Includes polish and simple design) $25.00
Basic Manicure $15.00
Basic Pedicure $25.00
Polk Dot $5.00
French with Nail Service $2.00
Design $2.00 (each) or $10 for 10 Nails



Our Price
Eyebrows $12.00
Lip $8.00
Chin $9.00
Sideburns $15.00
Forehead $12.00
Full Face $45.00
Under Arms $20.00
Half Arms $25.00
Full Arms $45.00
Bikini $25.00+
Brazilian $45.00+
Half Legs (upper or lower) $35.00
Full legs $60.00
Chest $45.00
Full Back $50.00+



Our Price
Single Strand (Mink) $150.00
Single Strand Fill $50.00+
Double Strand (Mink) $100.00
Double Strand Fill $40.00+
Triple Strand (Mink) $50.00
Triple Strand Fill $30.00+



Our Price
Express Facial $45.00
Signature Facial $60.00
European Facial $75.00
Luxury Facial $90.00
Acne Treatment $55.00
Bacne Treatment $55.00

Additional Services

Additional Services

Our Price
Pink & White Gel Coating with Service $5.00
Pink & White Gel Top Coat Change $10.00
Color Gel Coating with Service $15.00
French Polish with Manicure Service $5.00
Regular/French Nail Polish $10.00
Regular/French Toe Nail Polish 12.00
Design $3.00 ea. or (2 for $5)
Custom Design Price Upon Request
Callus Treatment with Pedicure Service $7.00
Callus Treatment without Pedicure Service $10.00
Paraffin with Pedicure Service $7.00
Paraffin without Pedicure Service $10.00
Shiny Buff with Service $7.00
Shiny Buff without Service $10.00
Take Off Acrylic/Gel $10.00
Broken Nail with Refill Service $2.00 ea.
Broken Nail without Service $4.00 ea.
Toe Nail Acrylic $5.00 ea.
Extra Massage w/ Services $1.00 per minute
Shoulder Massage $1.00 per minute

Botox (Anti-aging)

Get rid of wrinkles, reduces fine lines.

Duration: 6-8 Months

Cost: $150/Area. 3 area minimum per appointment

Common Area: Forehead, Crows fee, Frown lines, Jaw lines

Fillers & Others (Juvederm Ultra 4)

Plumping and smooth effect.

Duration: 2 Years

Cost: $450/CC

Common Area: Lips, Nasolabial folds

Thermage (Facelift using radiofrequency)

Reduces wrinkles and achieves brow lifting, cheek lifting, and jaw line lifting.

Duration: 1-1.5 Years.

Cost: $2000/Visit

Common Area: Neck, Face, hands, Upper and lower eyelids, Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs.

Liposonix (Weight Lose)

Uses ultrasound to get rid of fat cells to lose weight

Duration: 3-5 Years.

Cost: $800/Area

Common Area: Upper navel, Lower navel, Left love handle, Right love handle, Back, Inner thighs, Left outer thigh, Right outer thigh and Pelvic area