Images Luxury Nail Lounge Treats Women From Local Shelters

Images Luxury Nail Lounge, home to some of the most luxurious mani-pedi treatments in the country, announced today three new partnerships with women’s shelters in the Orange County, California area through March, 2016. Each month, the salon is sending its most elite nail technicians to pamper and primp the mothers at these organizations with complimentary manicures and pedicures.
“Many of these women have had to overcome significant difficulties in their lives,” said Tony Nguyen, general manager of Images Luxury Nail Lounge. “As they work to rebuild their lives, we want to treat them to a little luxury. It isn’t much, but a bit of pampering and a top-notch mani-pedi can be a great confidence booster and we’re happy to help.”
Known for their extravagant diamond-studded and gold finished nail designs that can cost upwards of $20,000, Images Luxury Nail Lounge makes it a point to regularly give back to their community as often as possible. Monthly, Images Luxury Nail Lounge will be bringing its therapeutic mineral baths, hydrating massage oils, top quality nail lacquers, and its coveted nail stylists on the road to serve 20-50 women at local shelters.
“It is incredibly important to us to serve our community,” said Nguyen. “Whether that means visiting senior living communities or women’s shelters, there is nothing that brightens our days more than giving back to these individuals who truly deserve it.”

Images Luxury Nail Lounge Offers Complimentary Manicures & Pedicures to Senior Citizens

Images Luxury Nail Lounge, one the most luxurious mani-pedi retreats in Orange County, California, is continuing its philanthropic outreach to local senior centers in an effort to increase involvement and give back to the community. Every month until March 2016, Images will visit senior living facilities in the Orange County area to give residents a lavish day of primping and pampering.
“The project, which started back in September, has received tremendous praise from the organizations we’ve partnered with,” says Tony Nguyen, general manager of Images. “These seniors truly love the company, and we enjoy being able to treat them and take care of those who may have difficulty doing it on their own.”
From marine mineral baths that deodorize and soften skin, to therapeutic and hydrating massages, these mani-pedi packages are specifically designed with senior citizens in mind. Once participating seniors receive proper foot, hand and nail cleaning treatments, they move on to the primping, and Images provides them with the opportunity to choose from countless luxury nail lacquers to color their days.
When the salon first started working with the senior homes, the team and staff, never anticipated how impactful their program would be on the lives of the elderly citizens within the community. The overwhelming support Images received is the reason it decided to extend its services, and will continue through March 2016.
“Not only have we extended the duration of our community service program, but we’ve also expanded the number of senior homes we’re visiting,” said Nguyen. “We look forward to continuing our community service efforts, and providing more happiness through lending a helping hand.”

Images Luxury Nail Lounge Donates Thousands to Support Skin Health for Local Students

Images Luxury Nail Lounge, home to some of the world’s most luxurious mani-pedi services, is donating $12,000 to Irvine, California’s Plaza Vista School PTA to help fund a protective shade structure over the students’ playground. As part of its mission to give back to its community, Images has taken a role as a Platinum Sponsor to help reduce risks of skin cancer in children.

“Though we are most widely known for our glamorous nail treatments, Images Luxury Nail Lounge also offers an extensive menu of skincare services,” said Tony Nguyen, general manager of Images. “Pooling our passion for healthy skin and our desire to give back to our community, sponsoring the Plaza Vista School PTA in developing a shade structure seemed like the right thing to do.”

Currently, one out of five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetimes, according the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). For children in particular, who are more likely to spend significant time outdoors, prevention will play an essential role in reducing cancer risk.

Lotus Organization – Building Emergency Room for Orange Coast Memorial

The Orange Coast Memorial Foundation hosted more than 350 guests and raised over $100,000 at its Lotus Spring Celebration on Saturday, May 16th at The Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton Hotel in Huntington Beach. Proceeds from the gala will help fund the construction of the new Emergency Pavilion at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center (OCMMC). The event’s Presenting Sponsors included Saigon City Marketplace, West Lake Food Corporation, and The Waterfront Beach Resort, A Hilton Hotel.
Those attending the gala enjoyed dinner, dancing, and live musical entertainment from performance artists Mai Linh, Henry Chuc, Pham Ha, Teresa Mai, Thuy Van, Y Lan, and the UCLA Kyodo Taiko Drummers. Attendees also enjoyed a fashion show sponsored by Advance Beauty College and produced by Runway Entertainment and designer Jacky Tai. Special guests included Mayor Steve Nagel, Assemblyman Travis Allen, former Assemblyman Van Tran, Mayor Pro Tem Westminster Tyler Diep, and Joy Luck Club actress Kieu Chinh.
“We would like to thank our generous donors and sponsors for supporting this amazing event,” said Marcia Manker, CEO of Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center. “Proceeds from the event will help us to create a state-of-the-art Emergency Pavilion at Orange Coast Memorial and enhance our dedicated ER physicians and nurses’ ability to care for the critically ill and injured people in our community.”
Visits to OCMMC’s Emergency Department (ED) have grown by more than 22 percent in the past five years and its ED treats more than 32,000 people each year. Nationwide, emergency departments are closing at the rate of 25 percent in the last 20 years. To ensure it continues to provide advanced, life-saving care to those whose lives depend on it, OCMMC is embarking on a major expansion of its Emergency Department. The Emergency Pavilion will be twice the size of its current facility which will enable OCMMC to double its capacity, enhance patient privacy and ensure the prompt delivery of high quality medical care.

Images Luxury Nail Lounge donates to build the statue of Tran Hung Dao an Vietnamese hero and a brilliant military strategist in Westminster, CA

Tran Hung Dao, original name Tran Quoc Tuan, also called Hung Dao Vuong (born 1228—1300, Van Kiep, Vietnam), figure of almost legendary proportions in Vietnamese history, a brilliant military strategist who defeated two Mongol invasions and became a cultural hero among modern Vietnamese.
By the early 1280s the Vietnamese kingdom faced a growing threat from the Mongols under Kublai Khan, who had conquered China in the previous decade. When he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Vietnamese armed forces, Tran Hung Dao, in a rousing speech to his forces, called for national unity and persuaded his army to fight the invaders. When the Mongols invaded the Red River valley (in northern Vietnam) with a massive army in 1283/84, Tran gave way before the invaders and adopted a defensive strategy, using guerrilla warfare and scorched-earth tactics against them. He then launched a counteroffensive that liberated the Vietnamese capital and drove the Mongols back into China.
When the Mongols resumed their campaign against Vietnam in 1287, Tran and his forces again gave ground, avoiding a pitched battle until the Mongols had occupied the capital. After resuming the offensive, Tran engaged the Mongol fleet in battle at the mouth of the Bach Dang River in 1288. Kublai Khan’s junks, lured by Hung Dao’s men, were ripped apart by iron-tipped spears that had been implanted beneath the waters—a strategy borrowed from an earlier Vietnamese warrior, Ngo Quyen (939).
Tran Hung Dao was one of the first great Vietnamese military strategists. His use of guerrilla warfare to harass and eventually defeat a more powerful enemy provided a model for communist guerrilla warfare in the 20th century. His mobilization of the entire Vietnamese population in the cause of national resistance to foreign invasion similarly inspired the North Vietnamese during the Indochina Wars (1946–75). His proclamation calling for national unity, along with a textbook he wrote on military strategy, became classics of Vietnamese literature. Tran Hung Dao is still an object of worship in rural areas of Vietnam, with many temples dedicated to him.

Project Vietnam Foundation (PVNF)

Project Vietnam has worked in needy provinces of Vietnam since 1996. Among past achievements of Project Vietnam has been a three-year effort to identify vitamin K deficiency as a major cause of newborn death and campaign successfully for the adoption of a national policy for Vitamin K injection after birth.

Current ongoing programs consist of improvement of healthcare for newborn and pediatric emergency services, promoting sustainable standards for Infection Control, and the development of services for children with special healthcare needs Project Vietnam has worked at 24 sites in Vietnam, trained a total of 43 provinces, and initiated interventions which have resulted in significant reduction in child mortality/morbidity and improved rural healthcare.

Images Luxury Nail Lounge donated $5,000 to PVNF in September 2016 towards cleft palate surgery for kids in Vietnam.

1000 Coffins Donated in Thailand

Wat Hua Lamphong is a Royal Buddhist temple, third class, in the Bang Rak District of Bangkok, Thailand. This temple is know for accepting coffins as donations. Images Luxury Nail Lounge donated 1000 coffins to this template in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015 for those who can’t afford it.

Continuous Donation to Vietnam American Cancer Foundation (VNCF)

The Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation (VACF) is dedicated to preventing cancer, improving patient quality of life, and saving lives through cancer education, research, advocacy, and services in the Vietnamese community. Our origination has been involved with VNCF for many years and have donated $25,000 as of September 2016.

Senhoa Sends Donations to Kids in Cambodia

Lotus Kids’ Club
Lotus Kids’ Club is a grassroots project dedicated to supporting street-working children, their families and the community in which they live through education, basic healthcare and community-building initiatives.
LKC promotes education and positive social engagements as the keys to lifting families out of poverty.
Program Activities:
• Preschool Program: early childhood development to prepare children for entry into primary school;
• Scholarship Program: educational scholarships for primary school children, English lessons, after-school tutoring and extra-curricular activities;
• Family Development: a ‘whole family’ approach to achieve real and sustainable change for individuals and their community;
• Community development: initiatives to promote positive community-building activities.

Donate Toy for Tots 2015 to Colette’s Children’s Home to help healing homeless children.

Images Luxury Nail Lounge raised money to help buy homeless children Christmas gifts

Images Luxury Nail Lounge Launches New Special to Support Local Schools

Images Luxury Nail Lounge, home of some of the world’s most luxurious mani-pedi treatments, launches a new special today to benefit schools in Southern California. Now, for any service received at an Images location, the nail salon will donate five percent of the bill to a local elementary, middle, or high school in the Newport Beach or Irvine area.